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Therapy Sessions

"ReNEW Your Sense of Purpose"

Welcome to R.M.C.C.!

It is my purpose to support individuals, couples, and families by providing quality counseling services. RMCC is also committed to partnering with established organizations for the purpose of rendering community outreach initiatives to bring awareness and resources. The targeting issues relate to students in K-12 such as academic achievement, ADHD/ODD, lack of motivation, and much more.

Giving therapy a try can be a nervous experience, considering the idea of talking to a stranger about personal matters. However, I am devoted to ensure that you're comfortable and experience unconditional positive regard from your first appointment until you have achieved your counseling goals. 

Are you ready to experience a renewed sense of purpose? Are you in a rough place in life, or just need to clear your mind? I can help guide and support you through life's challenges. I look forward to connecting with you!

Welcome to R.M.C.C.!

Meet Christianne Ricard!

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